Wednesday, October 30, 2013

To the US and Back

Mon 21st: 10k, ran 4 mins per km for 5km and pushed it on the return leg finishing up in 38.55.

Tues 22nd 800s by 8 with Tim, avg pace 2.36 Ran 8k in the evening

Wed: 20k in the morning on my own. Flew to the states with work at 11am Wed US time: 1 hr easy in Seattle

 Thurs: 30 mins watch so no clue

 Fri: Too hungover Sat: Same as Friday

 Sun: Back in Sydney but couldnt really venture with Liv having the kids for the week

 Mon: 20k easy

Tues: 400s avg 74 by 8

Wed: 2hr easy

Thurs: 6 by 800s at 2.34 avg rolling 90 secs, 1 min break then 4 by 400s in 72 avg

Monday, October 21, 2013

Logging the kms

Mon 14th Ran into work easy (7.5k) Ran at lunch (8k) Ran home Tues 15th 6 by 800m with Tim in centennial off 90 secs. Ran 2.40 avg. Ran into work approx 5k. Ran home from work Tues evening (7.5) Wed 16th Ran 90 mins in centennial (4.30 pace) Thurs: 8 by 400s off 60 secs avg 74 per rep 8k run at lunch Fri: Rest day, just went to the gym and cross trained Sat: 5k in 18.34 in St Peters, felt sick at the start. Finished strongly Sun: Over to Tom's for a long hilly run. Ended up running 27.4k in 2.09

Monday, October 14, 2013

Take two...Houston we have a problem..

Ok a bit of a false start last time around but I am determined to update my blog on a regular basis to track my kms but also keep me on track for the Houston marathon on 19th Jan 2014. I've been travelling quite a lot recently and put on a few kilos so keen to get back on the road. Whilst travelling I did manage a 5k Park run in Malahide, Dublin in 18.12 which is not too bad given the amount of Guinness I had the night before. I followed up that 5k with an 18.20 in St Peter's Sydney which again was decent enough considering I just got off the plane from Munich. On Sat 12th Oct, I ventured out to centennial park and ran 5k hard on my own in 18.30. A tad slower than the previous week but I ran quite a lot last week. Yesterday I got out early with Tom and Steve Thurston for a long run. We took in the hilly coastal run which I found pretty tough. Coming up out of Bondi was tough and I think Tom took it easy on us. Anyhow managed to get through 2hrs (26k) which is my longest run since the start of the year. Lots of work to do but you got start somewhere..

Monday, August 26, 2013

Second Coming

Another comeback of sorts, I am not going to bore you with what happened since the last post. Suffice to say, I've had one or two injuries and now its time to get back into running. The main reason for returning to the blog is to actually log my kms. I have no real goals at the moment, just keen to build a base in the next 5-6 weeks and then I can pick a few races Sunday 25th Aug: Glorious sunny day, I caught up with Timmy and CT at 7.30 in CP. CT pealed off at 10k and Timmy and I continued on. I ended up running 27k in just over 2 hours and Timmy add another 6k for 33k as he's in the middle of Berlin training. Tim came back for breakfast and we used the pool as recovery. Happy to get through the run unscathed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tempo (2 by 20 mins)

Very warm out there today (about 30c). Good crowd in attendance with some notable absences (Melbourne crew and auld Timmy Lindop). Didn’t want to go out too hard given I only recently had the manflu. Let J-Fen, Tom, Tucks and Heyden go and was on my own until Conway joined me after about a km into the session. Ran with Conway picking up Tom around circular quay. Stopped after 20 mins with a avg pace of 3.38. Conway looked shattered and Tom is losing confidence week by week at the moment. Don’t worry we’ll get the chairman back firing on all cylinders.

I knew it would be difficult to get back with the heat and hills in the second half so pushed at the start and eventually made it back with 6 seconds to spare. Don’t think many people made it back. Unless J-Fen took a short cut back, he’s clearly flying in training at the moment.

Tough old session (that’s the reason for Lindop missing the session) but glad to get through it

Monday, October 15, 2012


Took the weekend off with the manflu. Really had no energy to get out for a run. I can't recall the last weekend I failed to get out for a run. 

I went out today for an easy 45 mins run with the HuRTs boys, the 'Melbourne marathon' was the talk of the town. Conway was commenting that there was not one poor performance at all. Conditions were fab and the HuRTs boys took advantage and ran super fast times. 
Fats - 2.33 - Stellar performance building on his Sydney half run to knock Tom off the top spot
Ray  - 2.36 - 3 min PB, he's been very strong in training recently.
Macca - 2.39 - Never disappoints. He had the flu as well. Would run through a brick wall.
Rich P - 2.48 - PB and another solid performance from Richy
Mike Race - 2.49 - We should call this guy the smiling assassin :)  

Friday, October 12, 2012


Wed: Out for a 85 min MLR with Tom, Mike Race, Anna, Jono W and a few others.

Thurs: 400s with Tom, Heyden, Enda and a small HuRTs crew. Took the first few reps easy and pushed the last few reps. Didnt feel anything in the achilles so touch wood I have that under control.

Fri: Woke this morning to a nasty sore throat. Ran with Gerso at lunch (45 mins) and since then I've been struck down with the manflu. I was thinking of running the half at the weekend (3 laps of the bay run) but I reckon I will be in bed for the weekend. 

Just want to say best of luck to Fats, Ray, Macca and Vlad in Melbourne at the weekend. The forecast is looking good so I am expecting the HuRTs boys to run sub 2.40 and Vlad to run sub 2.30.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gold - Ryan Adams

In order to keep Timmy happy I'm opting for a more mainstream artist. In fact I don't believe 'Gold' is his best album but it's the album that brought him mainstream. Adams in my opinion the most talented singer songwriter in the last 15 years and certainly the most prolific (producing 3 albums in 2005). Came to prominence via an obscure alt country band called Whiskeytown who produced a beautiful record 'Stranger's Almanac' circa 98. 
Gold was released in 2001 with the single 'New York, New York' gaining widespread publicity as the music video featured Adams performing in front of the city's skyline four days before the Sept 11 attacks. The album had some great tunes that have subsequently featured in many American soaps and Rom Coms. The 'b' sides are even terrific but apart from 'Heartbreaker' released in 2000 which is his 'Blood on the Tracks' he failed to deliver a complete album. Without getting too philosophical, a album needs to have a consistent themes and deliver a story from start to finish. Adams more often than not delivered snippets littered throughout his albums. It's a shame he didn't sit back and think about the finished product in sayng that he's argue with the itunes generation you can make your own Ryan Adams album from his widespread catalog.
I've seen him many times, even back in Dublin. I think it was Vicar Street with the 'Good Wife'. Small crowd and it was pretty intimate. I was drinking Jack back then and brought a naggin in under my jacket. I sure Adams would approve :) Adams with his typical chip on his shoulder was having a go at Yoko Ono. Saw his again in Sydney and dragged Niamh and Chalks to the gig. He was two hours late, everyone was getting impatient. He arrived and started to hand out free beer to the audience. He played a rip roaring session only to be interrupted by a member of the audience asking him to play the 'summer of 1969'. Oh Ryan was not happy...well he should have used his given name 'David'. Such a nice name as well :)

Out today for a 10k tempo today. Ran with Tom, Enda & Barts. Body felt fine. I think the average pace was 3.33. Tom's blog will have more detail.

I've put two tunes up...New York, New York & Answering Bell

Monday, October 8, 2012

Nixon – Lambchop

Not sure how or when I was introduced to the band Lambchop but after a few listens of Nixon back in 2001 I was hooked. Lambchop is essentially Kurt Wagner with a collection of band members that can be as many as 20. The more the better I say as it’s like having a full on orchestra backing Wagner. Must admit I’m growing more fond of classical music day by day. Back to Nixon..
On the surface Nixon has nothing to do with a former America President but explores the ‘at times’ uncomfortable nature of middle America. Tales of backyard bullying, drunken parents, kids running wild all sung by the ultimate crooner Wagner who has a very smokey voice that wraps around the tunes. The lyrics are never easy to follow but at times you get snippets of his thoughts.

‘restless boy in a restless town and you commence to drinking..’

I’ve only ever seen them once in the Gaelic club Surry Hills circa 2003. They were two hours late it drove some mad (Niamh in particular) but I thoroughly enjoyed them. There are still making great music but have never come close to the masterpiece that Nixon is. The music clip below ‘up with the people’ is one of those tunes I always seems to dance too which is indeed rare for a Lambchop tune.

In order to settle my calf and Achilles I took Thursday and Saturday off. On Friday I managed to get out for an easy 8k that included some strides. Hung-over after a night on the town with Tom, Heyden and Thurston. It was a warm balmy Sydney night and I was feeling very thirsty.

On Sunday I went long again. Jogged to the park and then ran 3 loops by 10k
1st loop (4.30 pace)
2nd loop (4.20 pace)
3rd loop (3.52 pace)

Jogged home for 36k all up avging 4.15 pace. Happy to get through it, it was great to have Enda, Ann, Renaud, Rob & Craig helping out with the pacing duties.

Today I got out for an easy 55 mins with HuRT squad. Legs were shot from yesterday. A good night sleep tonight and I will be sorted. Enjoy the music..

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Tues: 10 by 3 mins off 1 min
Large HuRTs crew in attendance. Pretty straightforward session and one of my favourites. I was aiming to run 3.20 pace and for the majority of the reps kept to that pace. There were some reps slightly quicker. Never really felt comfortable during the session, legs just felt heavy. Post session, the calves were very tight and the achilles was tender. The 400s & 800s are definitely giving my achillles some grief so I will give these sessions a miss until I can get the achilles under control.

Wed: MLR
Ran into work (40 mins)
Decided not to run with the HuRTs as I was keen to avoid the hills. Ran for 70 mins around 4.30 pace apart from 5km in the middle where I ran with Charlie Low & Renaud. I will take the next two days off to settle the achilles and will give the striders 10k a miss at the weekend. Pity really as I was looking forward to racing.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hear Be Monsters

Fri: Took the day off from running. My achilles was a little tender after the 400s on Thurs.

Sat: 16k with a 5km tempo in the middle (17.40 for the 5k).

Sun: Out with a large crew for a 36k long run. In order to meet Conway and Co I needed to run sub 4 m/k straight up. Settled into a nice easy pace for the first of 3 10k loops. The pace was the 1st loop was around 4.34 and around 4.25 for the 2nd one. Enda and a few others finished after 20k. I was keen to push the last loop and 2 guys came with me as we rolled through the first 2k averaging 4.05 pace, as we left the park I brought the pace down to 3.55. The guys fell off at around 5k and I maintained the pace until the bottom of the Wollahra hill (I didnt push the pace as Tom not to push hills with a tender achilles). Ended up finishing the 10k loop in around 39.45 and was very surprised to see Mr Conway finishing up around 30 secs behind me. Ran home and covered 36.5k for the day averaging 4.18 pace. Glad to get through the session. Didnt really feel the achilles until the end of the session.
Great win for the swannies, the storm and Europe....Christ Liverpool even won at the weekend!

Mon: 30 min easy down in Kensington oval.

I've been listening to all my old records recently and came across Ed Harcourt's 'Hear Be Monsters'. The album was released in 2001. He came down to play in Sydney in 2003 and played in a small intimate gig downstairs in Civic which is a very unusual place for a gig. I was there with Tomas Lyons aka Mossy. There was probably only 50 odd people at the gig and there's myself and Mossy drinking red on school night. The album had some great tunes. I've included two of my favourites.

Apple of my eye


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sporting weekend

Mon: 60 mins with the HuRTs guys.

Tues: 10 mins by 4 off 2 mins

Large group in attendance, for the first rep sat in the the front with Fats, J-Fen, Macca, Heyden & Ray. We chatted until we got to the pool, at that stage I put in a slight gap and maintained it until about 30m short of the stone gates. You never really need to push the 2nd rep due to the downhill nature. Ended up getting back in 9.24. Battled through the 3rd rep with the boys with J-Fen getting away from us. He was the only one to get to the gates. Ended up pretty much the same spot as the first rep. The 4th rep was a repeat of the 2nd rep. Good to see Muz out there today.

Wed: Ran into work (40 mins). Achilles a little tender. At lunch got out with the HuRTs for a 90 min stroll into centennial and back.

Thurs: 10 by 400 off 1 mins

Felt tired  this morning, probably to do with the increase in kms and young Conor kept me up half the night. Didn't push it today, Rolled through the session with an avg 73 avg rep.
Big sporting weekend ahead, looking forward to the Ryder Cup and NRL final. I can't see Europe beat the USA and I can't see the Dogs beat the storm. Don't really care about the NRL, I find the game very boring, in saying that I would like to see the Swans win.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Long Weekend

Fri: 150m Strides
Ran down to Kensington Oval for 20 by 150m strides, nice short sharp session.

Sat: Long Run 36k
Ran over to centennial (3k) to meet up with Conway, Ray, Mike Race, Conor, Berger, Jake and a few other people I didn't know. We did a progressive long run over a 3 looped course

10k  (4.38 km/m)
10k (4.27 km/m)
10k (4.04 km/m)
For the first two loops the pace felt very easy, Conway was controlling the pace. In the last one after about 4k, Ray and I decided to push the pace to bring it down to 4.04 avg.
Ran back home to make it 36k for the day.

Sun: MLR
90 mins at 4.30 pace. The Centennial Ultra was on. I didn't make it over until 10.30am and I was surprised to see the majority of runners were shuffling around the park. In saying that I heard Alex Matthews and Brendan Davies smashed the 50k record. Great run by CT taking out the 100k in 7hrs 51 mins.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Town of Runners.

Mon: 40 mins easy with the HuRTs squad

Tues: 45 mins tempo
The plan was to run about 3.50 pace, started out at that with Tucks, Fats and Sam. Increased the pace from the Opera House and caught Conway and increased the pace again on the way back. Pulled the plug after 10k avg'ing 3.38 pace.

Wed:  MLR
40 min jog into work and had to stop at all the main traffic lights.

85 mins easy with HuRTs guys

Went to see 'Town of Runners' last night, must admit I thought it was pretty average. I know it was a doco but they could have added a little more meat to the movie.
  • They gave us no indication of the times the teenagers were running
  • They could have reference back to the Ethiopia greats
  • I was hoping we'd hear from Geb etc..

Thurs: 800 by 7 off 90 secs
Small crowd today (Ray, Tucks, Clyde, Killer & some random). The surface was perfect and the reps went as follows (2.37, 2.33, 2.33, 2.32, 2.31, 2.30, 2.30). We were kicked off after 7 reps...Ray and I shared the lead for the first 4 reps and Tucks joined us after the 4th one and then pushed ahead for the reps 6 & 7.

Monday, September 17, 2012

1.16.56 Sydney Half

Very disappointed with yesterdays performance. I suppose it's not too difficult to pinpoint the reasons why! First up having a massive night for Big Bears 40th on Friday didn't help but in the past I have backed up and ran pretty well 24 hrs later.
I was planning on sticking with Macca and could only stay with him for 2km. I struggled early on with the pace and it wasn't that fast (3.30km/m). My breathing was heavy and laboured and decided to hang back and let Macca go and catch Fenton and Heyden. Possibly my warm-up (just did a few strides) wasn't substantial enough. Didn't enjoy coming out of the Domain and from about 8k onwards until 15k a load of runners came by me. I didn't even put a fight which is all the more disappointing. From 15k I felt a tad better, I didn't really increase the pace, I probably just maintained it and it felt like I cruised to the finish.
Some great performances out there today, Fats definitely had the run of the day 1.12.5x and is looking very good for Melbourne. He will have no problem smashing his pb. Macca, Heyden and Fenton all had very good races. Though in saying that based on Fenton's training, he should be a good minute ahead of the guys. Chalks paced Col Gibbons perfectly to a sub 3.30 marathon in 3.28. Well as Timmy would say 'it's back to the drawing board'

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are floating in space..

Well I've had a good listen to Bob's new album 'tempest' in the last week. Bob's management team have been quite clever by providing the album via itunes streaming a week prior to it's release. Coupled with social media marketing, most fans had something to say about the album prior to yesterday's official release.
Bob's album's tend to take quite a few listen before you can make a judgement call. Some critics have hailed his best yet, certainly I think it's his best since 'Love & Theft' 2001. In Dylan's earlier album's he had the ability to change genre, with 'Tempest' and since 'Time out mind' in 1997 he hasn't change genre. He's actually rooted himself firmly in the past mixing roots, folk, jazz and a bit of the blues. Make no mistake about it Dylan is a master thief from guitar riffs to the odd lyrical twist. In fact, his radio show is a testament to his amazing knowledge of music from the past. So with 'tempest', we get a fantastic record that pays homage to Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie. Dylan even manages to pen a song for the great John Lennon 'roll on John' and he does what he does best incorporating some the Beatles lyrics into the song. 'i read the news today oh boy'. It's remarkable to think a 71 year old could come with a beautiful album like this.

Back to logging my training
Thurs 7th - managed to get out with Eamo & Berger for a session in Homebush, we went to the track and we were duly kicked off but somehow I managed to negotiate 20 mins of track time. I ended up running 6 400s averaging 70 secs.
Fri: Hungover
Sat: 15k with a 5k tempo in the middle (17.33)
Sun: 33k, 75 mins with Chalks avging 4.28 pace. Ended up increasing the pace bringing the average down to 4.19.
Mon: I was up in Brizzy, back to back meetings (so chance of meeting up with Master Sweeney). Went down to Kensington oval in the evening and ran 20 by 35 sec strides
Tues: Ran into work (38 mins), 45 min with Hurts (1 min on, 30 secs off), ran with Macca. Ended up avging 3.37 km/m
Wed: Ran into work (40 mins) & out with the squad for a 85 mins easy
The title of today's blog refers to a spiritualised album from the late 90's. I've just picked up the latest offering 'Sweet Heart, Sweet Light' which is like reconnecting with a friend from the past.
When I came to Australian initially, I spent a lot time going to various gigs. I loved going to the Metro on George Street, you could stand at the back of the gig and drink can's of VB until your heart was content. I recall dragging my good mate Eamonn aka 'Yom' to a spiritualised gig who could have 10 cans of VB prior to any band making the stage. The lead singer Jason Pierce is a bit of an enigma and typically gets a religious reaction from his fans. Well Jason was getting stuck into a song (can't recall which one), he's turns his back to the audience. Yom having none of this and at the top of voice 'for f*** sake, if you are going to sing, sing to us you f**ing moron'. Suffice to say the crowd were not too happy and we had to leave. I see Spiritualised are coming back to Australia in December. There's playing at the Opera House. I wonder if I should go along. For those interested, check out this bloody fantastic.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Tues: Tempo (2 by 20 mins off 3 mins)
Ran comfortable for the first 20 mins as we had the benefit of the downhill and a slight tail wind. I was going to take it a little easier but a nice group formed (Tom, MC & Macca). Avg pace on my new garmin (well Gerso was 3.31 km/m.
On the return leg, I lifted the pace slightly with the guys tucking in behind me. I could hear Macca for most of the way but I think he fell off the back after the Opera House. After coming up the hill near the pool I could hear Tom's foot steps flapping behind him. I caught me around the Art gallery and I injected a little pace to finish strongly in 19.39 (3.24 pace).

Wed: Run and Lunch time run
Ran in and it took a little longer than expected (45 mins) as I got caught every red light.

Out a lunch for a MLR with Clyde, MC, Mike Race, Ann Fitz, Charlie, Jono Worsick and a few others I just don't know. The pace was nice and easy and I ended up running for 82 mins.

Bob Dylan will release his 35th Studio album 'tempest' next week and I expect it to be a cracker. I've heard the first single and it's Dylan at his best. Love the video..

Monday, September 3, 2012

Coastal Classic

I was looking forward to this run. The plan was to run it relatively easy until 17k (the 2nd drink station) and run hard from there. That didn't really happen as I fell a number of times on my way to the 2nd drink station. I even contemplated pulling out at that stage but told myself to stop whining about some cuts and bruises and just run to the finish. I ran with Mike Race most of the way and he too found it quite difficult to get into a rhythm. I suppose I am not really cut out for technical trail courses. Anyhow it's an interesting way to spend 2 hrs 55 min on a Saturday morning. In saying that, Mike Race and I were the only ones complaining, everyone else was looking forward to another crack at it next year. Mike and I ended up running an additional 2k as the course was sabotaged by some rouge fishermen. We weren't the only unfortunate ones as some of the front runners ended up running an additional 5-6k.
Out today with the HuRT squad for 50 mins easy. Conway was complaining about the length of the striders course. He really just needs to pick a 10k course and smash his way to sub 35 mins...he should have no time around!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Easy Friday

Out with the squad for an easy 40 mins today. Plenty of chat and Mike was even doing some strides in prep for North Head. Hopefully he will run well tomorrow and show Timmy what he's made of. I'm looking forward to the Coastal Track tomorrow. Apparently it's a beautiful run. Already looking forward to the beers afterwards in the RSL.
Here's a pic of me in the Half in Clew Bay...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

MLR & 400s

Wed: MLR

Ran into work (40 mins)

Missed the start of the squad's MLR, ran into Sam on edgecliff and then joined up with Mike Race and the rest of the crew in centennial. All up 75 mins. Pretty tired at the end of the run.

Thurs: 400s
Struggled out of bed this morning, so decided not to run in. I went over to Rushcutters earlier that the squad as I had a meeting at 1pm. I was planning on taking them a little easier say 75 secs. I ended up doing 8 reps off 45 secs
72, 70, 70, 68, 67, 67, 67, 66
Felt relatively comfortable, just focused on form. The rest of the squad arrived as I was just finishing up. Think I will take a rest day tomororw.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sunday: I got a window before the Roosters v Tigers game and took it. Ventured out for a 75 min easy run through centennial. Great win by the Roosters, must admit it was difficult to watch with 3 kids in toe but I converted Big Bears little girl into a Roosters fan :). The Roosters looked good at the weekend. It's crazy but I don't understand why they can't play like that every week. I also got a perfect round in tipping this week :)

Monday: Out with HuRT squad for 60 mins easy. Ran with Berger from Shelley Street and we were averaging close to 5 km/m. Once we ran into the squad the pace picked up and I ended up averaging 4.32 pace.

The plan was to cycle home, the tires were flat so ran home instead (40 mins approx)

I had a meeting in my diary for 1pm that I couldn't move so I was planning on doing the 45 mins tempo after work. At 12.10 the meeting was pushed out until 5pm so I raced over and joined the squad at the art gallery. Fenton and High were off in the distance and I tucked in with Tom, Macca and another guy. At the turn around we were averaging 3.38 pace. It lifted slightly on the way back as we picked up a few guys who went out too hard. After the Opera House Tom put in a little surge and then 50m later pulled up. I thought he decided to pull the pin at 10k but found out afterwards that his hammie is playing up. I finished strongly passing most people on the way back and averaged 3.34 km/m. Macca came in behind me about 20 secs behind.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Long Saturday

Out early with Chalks and Col. Given we are all running the coastal classic next weekend we opted to run a few laps of the inner fence of centennial which has some technical aspects. After about 1 hr 45 mins, I cut inside the the middle of the park and pushed 5k averaging 3.55 km/m. All up in 2.24 min. It was pretty slow overall as I am ran a tad over 30k but happy with the time on my feet.
I'm surprised by all the Lance's fans out there at the moment, as far as I'm concerned he cheated and profited from it. I don't disagree it was a witch hunt but they got the guy who some felt would never get caught. He did, so maybe up and coming cyclist will think twice before they take performance enhancing drugs. My comment on facebook  about Mo Farah was quite flippant and I don't want to drag Master Sweeney into the debate but he did make a very good point. Sure Mo was very talented but he never had the ability to control races. Some would argue that his times havent significantly improved. True but it's takes significant improvement to control races the way he does. Let's hope it's the last we hear of it. I'm out tonight so I may take a rest day tomorrow...enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Brisbane Running

Wed: 90 mins around the Brizzy waterfront. It's actually quite nice running around waterfront. Pace was relatively easy avg'ing 4.30 pace.

Thurs: Caught up with Master Sweeney for a coffee and then got out for a fartlek session (8 by 90 sec with a 45 sec float), Avg 3.10 on the 90 secs efforts and 4.20 on the 45 sec efforts

Fri: Ran into work (40 mins) and at lunch met up with Sam and Mikey C for a 50 min run around Sydney harbour. Another beautiful day for running.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

11 by 3 mins off 1 mins

Glorious day in Sydney for running as the HuRT squad went down to Barangaroo for an interval session. Large crew in attendance with even Tom making an appearance. I was aiming on doing 10 reps but ended on doing 11 as I need to run in that direction to get back to work. Legs felt good today with an average of 3.16km/m per rep. Poor Timmy pulled the plug after another twinge in his hammie.

Running on empty

Jogged over to the Park and ran with Chalks for 30 mins and then hit MacKay Oval for a 5k tempo effort. Aim was to keep the pace to 3.30 km/m and did just that running 17.28. 1hr 15 all up.

Out with Timmy and J-Fen for an easy long run. Felt tired at the start but worked my way into the run. Timmy left after 16km and I continued on and ran 28km in 2hr 05 mins. That's my first long run in ages..

Out with the HuRT squad for an easy 50 mins with Conway and Sam leading from the front. Again sluggish at the start but worked my way into the run. Lots of people were asking about Tom? He's probably doing some work for a change!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bourne Legacy

Out with Mike Conway and Clyde for an easy 50 min run. Lots of chat about the drug cheats in the Olympics and Wiggins having a ciggie post Olympics. Went to the new Bourne movie with Chalks last night. Really enjoy it, less action but interesting plot. 7.5/10.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Over to rushcutters at lunch. Perfect running conditions, glorious sunny day with a nice cool breeze. There were quite a few people out in the oval, Killer was just finishing up his session.

The session planned was 6 by 800s off 90 secs with 2 by 400s off 60 secs.

Reps went as follows
2.31, 2.29, 2.28, 2.29, 2.30, 2.29, 70, 68

For the 800s I felt fine for the first 400 and struggled somewhat to maintain rythmn in final the 200s. By the 6th I was shattered (lack of long runs not helping) but I actually felt fine finishing off with the 400s..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The return from Ireland

Just back from Ireland, had a great time with family and friends and even ended up running a few races.
First up was the Fingal 10k (22nd July), which was run through my hometown Swords. The race was part of the Dublin marathon series so there were well over 3,000 runners in attendance. It was a very windy day which made conditions tough. There were lots of flat sections but Pinnock Hill in the 1st km made the 1st km slow (3.50). The wind was on back for the next 2 km and I covered them averaging 3.10 pace. With lots of twists and turns you basically made up time with the wind on your back but lost it in the next km. Unfortunately the stretch in the back half course made it very difficult as I was running into the wind up a hill for 2k. In the end I finished up with a time of 35.10 and 24th overall. I got a $50 sports voucher for coming 3rd in my age category.

Lusk 12k (29th July)

With about 200 people in attendance, this race was a 3 by 4k loop. Again conditions were far from ideal with a strong south westerly. Went to front early on and never looked back, there were 2 guys sitting on back for the first loop but gapped them on the second loop and ended up winning the race by about 30 secs in 42.10. It’s a different ball game when you are at the front as you are always wondering how far people are behind you. Ended up winning a nice food hamper with a few bottles of wine.

Clew Bay Half (4th August)

This course was advertised as ‘challenging and exhilarating, it’s winding roads and ever changing scenery making it a very enjoyable run’. About 180 people in attendance and not surprisingly it was a very windy day. Went to the front with group of 3 runners. We went through 5k in 18 flat and from about 6km we start to hit some challenging hillls. I put a gap into the guys around 7k. Went through 10k in 36.55. The wind was apparent but I was thinking it’s not too bad until we came off the back roads onto a main coast road around 13k. Well from there it’s felt like the hardest 8k I’ve ever run. I was running into a crazy head wind. My km splits shot out to 4.30 and it was a case of just hanging on. The lead car slowed down in front and the guy gave me a bottle of water. At that stage I felt like asking him to just sit on front of me to give me some wind cover. I had a look around a few times and kept thinking this is it but I ended up hanging on and getting the win in 82.15. Nice prizes in these small country race, I got a 100 euro plus a voucher for 100 euro, backpack and a few tee-shirts.
Opted not to run the C2S as I wasn’t feeling great with jetlag. The kids were fab on the flights but have struggled to adapt to the new time zone. The races in Ireland were the only real training I got in so I will start to build the kms slowly.

On Sunday arvo I got out for an easy 70 mins with Chalks. Never really felt comfortable. On Monday I venture out for an easy 10k with the HuRT squad.

By Tuesday I was feeling better so got out for the 4 by 10 min efforts. I ran in to work this morning and got out for a 70 min run with Sammy, MC, Enda and company for jog around centennial.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ireland's call

Mon: Mixed bag
Ran into work from the childcare centre (a little over 5km)
Sneaked a run in at lunch (9k at 4 m/k)
Ran home (40 mins)

Tues: 800s
8 by 800 off 90 sec on Hickson Rd with Berger.
Just tried to run them comfortably.
2.40, 2.33, 2.32, 2.32, 2.32, 2.29, 2.31, 2.31

Off to Ireland tomorrow, the flight with the kids will be a lot of fun!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

C2S Hitout

Left the kids with Gerso (the best sis in law in world) on Sat at noon and went away with the 'Good wife' to the blue mountains. It was so good to to get away and do the simple things without kids (read the paper, have breaky etc). In saying that spent about an hour in the shops in Leura trying to find suitable gifts for the the kids.
Got back just after noon on Sunday and needed to get over to North Bondi for a party. So Liv brought the kids in the car and I ran over. Opted for a longer route and after 8k averaging 4.05 pace I got to O'Sullivan rd (5k marker in the city to surf). I stopped for a minute and reset the watch for a 5km effort. Got to the 10k marker in 18.24. Pretty happy with that as I think my quickest training run on the course is 18.20. Continued on for another 3km and stopped off and had a few drinks with Niamh, John, Jen, Sonja, Chris, Gill, Katie. Good auld Enda, Angela and baby Cillian dropped into say hello! Enda reckons he will smash Timmy in the C2S...i'm not getting involved...Enda is having a big party in his place after the race...poor Angela doesnt know what she's in for..

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting back into the it

Yep as the title suggests, I'm slowly but surely easing my way back onto the roads. Last Sunday, I forced myself out of bed to the inaugural Sydney Harbour 10k. Ended up running 34.12 which I was relatively happy with. Some of the boys and gals ran some very good times. Worthy mentioned were Barts, Clyde, Jono & Niamh. Niamh who struggled to keep with my expert pacing duties for sub 50 a month or so ago had a huge improvement running 47 mins.
The rest of the week was a little mixed as I'm been busy in work recently.
Mon: Easy 50 mins on a threadmill in Brizzy, always feel like i am working hard on a threadmill
Tues: Fartlek 90 secs (by 8) on 1 min float by 8 around the Brizzy river. Got back in time to host a fund raiser for Ben St Lawrence who will feature in the 10,000m in the Olympics
Wed: Bit of a mixed bag, ran 5k from the childcare centre in the morning, 40 mins at lunch and ran home (40 mins)
Thurs: I had to fly to Brizzy early and get back to Sydney for meeting at 3pm so no running. 
Fri: Fartlek 2 mins on (by 10) on 1 min float around Sydney's domain
Sat: 2 hours easy running, met up with Col Gibbons and then ran into Conway, TB, Enda, Rob C and ran some of the C2S. What a beautiful morning for running!

Off to Ireland next week and keen to run the Fingal 10k which will be run in my own home town. It's difficult to keep up the running when you are on holidays but I'm planning on a few races so hopefully that will keep me ticking over. Beermatt has suggested a few races for me...he's talking about running an 8k in Swinford. I'm in the area so why not. I've been trying to convince Tom to front up but I think he's running scared..